The Defamation Lawsuit George Zimmerman filed Against Trayvon Martin’s Parents Has Been Dismisse

According to the Associated Press George Zimmerman’s defamation and conspiracy lawsuit against Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of Trayvon Martin — the 17-year-old child he shot and killed in 2012 has been dismissed.



Judge John Cooper in Tallahassee, Florida has officially made his final ruling in the dismissal of all counts against all defendants in the lawsuit filed by George Zimmerman against Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, also named in the court doc was attorney Ben Crump, who had represented the family in the murder trail.

The order reads that the judge wrote George Zimmerman had failed to show “any fraudulent representation” and said any further arguments in the case would be futile.

Judge John Cooper:

“There can be no claim for conspiracy to defraud if there is no adequately stated claim for fraud.”

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