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Singer Taj George Of Legendary R&B Trio SWV

Their songs are part of the soundtrack of the 1990s. SWV one of the biggest female R&B groups in history with hit songs like “WEAK”, “RAIN”, “RIGHT HERE”, & “CAN WE” just to name a few. With their sonic breakthrough in the early 90’s they were the perfect blend of church harmonies, dynamic personalities, charismatic personas and a style all their own to match. They carved out their own lane and no female group has been liked them sense.

I had the pleasure of talking to 1/3 of SWV, Taj George (the groups second lead singer) and she tells me her story about how the group got started and the up and downs of being apart of such a successful super group.


Producer Eric Seats

I had the chance to chat with music veteran Eric Seats! Prolific drummer & producer who has work with  artist such as Beyonce, Tank, Keyshia Cole, DMX, Ashanti, Lil’ Mo, Timbaland & many more! We discuss his journey in the music industry & what is was like working with the late Aaliyah on her last album!

DR. MIAMI: World Renowned Plastic Surgeon

He has mastered the art of Nip & Tuck in every way possible on your regular Jane Doe to your favorite entertainer and reality star.

His talents do not stop on the operating table, He is active on social media, a infamous reality TV star and is the author of children’s book among many things. He talks to me very candidly on his journey through medical school and how he chose plastic surgery as his career choice. No question is off limits, as he answers all very honestly and gives me the shocking truth about how the “plastic surgery” industry exploded and why it is no longer taboo.

Rapper Jimmy Hustle 

I had the opportunity to interview the talented rapper about his hiatus and how he finally got the courage to start recording again.

He was very open and honest about his process and goes into great detail in what it took to make his album.

Veteran Actor Brian J. White 



Producer Michael Anthony Forney Jr. 


Cleveland WOVU 95.9 DJ Kristyles 

B.Simone: Comedian/Instagram Star Turned Actress


Author Keshia Bethune 

BrandonCarter211: What made you want to write this book?

— Keshia Bethune: I wanted to write the book because I’ve always had a love for creative writing. I love how writing can take you to new worlds. You can express yourself through writing.

BrandonCarter211: What is the book about ?
Keshia Bethune: The book is about how the decisions we make as individuals can have negative or positive impact on others. We are more connected to each other more than we believe.
BrandonCarter211: What was the process of your journey to writing the book?
KeshiaBethune: This is my first book and I’m still going through the process. Once I got over self doubt the story began to write itself.
BrandonCarter211: How do you feel now that you’re a author ?
Keshia Bethune I am beyond proud of myself. I don’t care if I don’t sell a single copy, the fact that I was able to complete something I always wanted to do is amazing. I was blessed with many talents but self esteem issues led to me doubting my abilities.
BrandonCarter211: What do you want people to take from this book ?
Keshia Bethune: I want people to be more conscious of the decisions they make. We do things for temporary satisfaction but neglect to see what can happen in the long run.

First Time Filmmaker Makes Powerful Debut Film 

It was such a pleasure to interview an amazing film director. His name is Ryan Culver, and he amazingly put together a profound piece of social art on film. 

He honestly tells me about the tedious process of making his first film.

Reform & Triumph

 “Fuck Prison” Founder Shawn Hartwell talks to me about his journey and what prison reform means to him.


“Black Tony” Of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show”

Funny radio personality “Black Tony” comes to Cleveland for his first comedy special and I got to interview the very interesting funny man who is exactly the same way in person he is on the radio.



Visual Artist Brandon Graves 

Artist @Tha_Beezer opens up about troubled past & overcoming tough times & how he found his talent in prison.

Black Girl Magic: Christian Basie

Cleveland Entrepreneur Turned author tells her profound stories in her first book. 



Cleveland Poet talks to me about publishing his first book and how he got over having bad communication skills to become a great poetic performer. 


The Veteran Comedian/Actress Cocoa Brown opens up about being a single mom, working with Tyler Perry, her personal struggles, and her thoughts on the Monique Netflix boycott controversy.

Stand-Up Comedian Carmen Barton is a STAR, YOU just don’t know it yet…. She recently made her mark on the latest season of TvOne’s highest-rated reality show Hollywood Divas. Born & raised in St. Louis she was a single mother of 3 when she took a leap of faith and left her kids with her father and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in comedy. I got the pleasure of talking with this vibrant and lovable comedy diva about her humble beginnings, how she explained to her young children about her hard choice of leaving them behind to follow her dreams.


R&B Diva KeKe Wyatt opens up about her insecurities, her marriage, and motherhood.


With Safaree, talking about his childhood, future projects, & what he likes in women


Legendary Female MC YoYo chats with me about her rise to fame her fight for equality in hip-hop and her relationship with iconic rapper Tupac.


Cleveland Author Cierra Haddon Talks To Me about Her New Crime Drama Novel and Her Dark Childhood.


Going back to where it all started on the steps of Collinwood High School. I talk to the poet about the process of recording her first ever spoken word album “The Black N’ Red Notebook”

Author Ivy Lee dishes out her inspirations behind her successful novels, being a single mom, and who she is as a woman.



Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter/Poet  Natalie Stewart formerly of Floetry reveals the secrets behind her writing and her love of music.


Owner of MyLoudRadio.com Stoney talks about how she went from being a “Bad Girl” from the mean streets of East Cleveland to being one of the biggest voices on Cleveland Internet Radio.

Comedian Chaunte Wayans talks what is was like growing up in a famous family and how she found a way to make it on her own.

Cleveland Rapper Preme went Viral When His song “Buss It Down” took the internet and radio by storm. Here he opens up to me about his humble beginnings, his dark past, and his success.


Special Tribute to the late R&B Legend AALIYAH. I talk to people who work close to her and remember her spirit, music, and the impact she left behind. I got the chance to talk to her former hairstylist, dancer, photographer, and tv producer and they all gave me an in-depth look into the person she was.


Rapper/Actor Jermaine “J-Young” Carter talks music, movies, Tupac and Jamie Foxx.


Singer/Actor Mishon discusses what is was like growing up as a child star and his current roles.