Interview Singer Taj George Of SWV Tells Me Her Story

Their songs were part of the soundtrack of the 1990s. SWV one of the biggest female R&B groups in history with hit songs like “WEAK”, “RAIN”, “RIGHT HERE”, & “CAN WE” just to name a few. With their sonic breakthrough in the early 90’s they were the perfect blend of church harmonies, dynamic personalities, charismatic personas and a style their own to match they carved out their own lane and no female group has been liked them sense.

I had the pleasure of talking to 1/3 of SWV, Taj George (the groups second lead singer) and tells me her story about how the group got started and the up and downs of being apart of such a successful super group.

Check Out My Interview With The Grammy Nominated R&B Legend Taj George Of SWV

Lets Acknowledge The Greatness That Is SWV!

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