Adrien Brody’s Thriller ‘Clean’ Lands at IFC Films

The Paul Solet crime drama hails from Brody’s production company, Fable House.

The film stars Brody as Clean, a man who grapples with the tragic loss of his daughter and is haunted by nightmares from his own criminal past. Clean cares for his community as a sanitation worker and as a mentor to his young neighbor. But when local gang violence puts his neighbor’s life in danger, Clean returns to the violence and darkness that he struggled to put behind him, and possibly achieves salvation in the process.

IFC Films will release the project in 2022. 


Vanessa Williams Opened To “The Hollywood Reporter” on How ‘Candyman’ Reframes the Original

The Hollywood Reporter: What was it like to return to this character — which I’m sure you’re regularly recognized for — after so many years? Did you receive a direct offer to return? 

Vanessa Williams: I’m so grateful and filled with gratitude to be in a number of iconic films and I count this one, the one in ’92 and certainly this one as an instant classic. Ian Cooper was on the set with us — he’s the creative director of Monkeypaw [Productions] — and he talked about he and Jordan watching the original as teens in Jordan’s bedroom. It felt so marvelous to be a part of this wonderful creative imagination. There’s nothing tired about it. I’m just really, really grateful and honored that the work that I do has staying power and the work that I do has such a great impact.

And listen, actors live for the offer-only status. You want to feel like you’ve treaded and pounded enough pavement, and done enough things that you’d never have to audition again. Actors, we always have to be proven — tap dancing out there like, “Pick me! Pick me!” So it’s nice to have a break from that. To have an offer is to say you’re already proven. We love you. Come on in and play with us. It’s the ideal way to work and the way I always want to work. And to have Monkeypaw and Jordan Peele and Nia trust me to re-create that — I just think it was a marvelous testament, and I’m here for all the offers so yes, it was an offer, thank you very much. (Laughs.) Finally, I have arrived.

Vanessa Williams (right) and DeJuan Guy in Candyman (1992).

Netflix’s New Releases Coming in September 2021

Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will hit the streaming service next month.

The streaming giant that is Netflix is running full force into fall with a big list of new films and TV shows, as well as its regular new rotation of existing shows and movies.

Sept. 1
Agatha Christie’s Crooked House
Barbie Big City Big Dreams

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (1982)
The Blue Lagoon 
A Cinderella Story
Clear and Present Danger

Cold Mountain
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Dear John
Do the Right Thing
Freedom Writers
Green Lantern
House Party

House Party 2
House Party 3
How to Be a Cowboy
The Interview
Kid-E-Cats: Season 2
Letters to Juliet
Love Don’t Cost a Thing 
Mars Attacks!
Mystery Men
The Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Once Upon a Time in America
Open Season 2
Rhyme & Reason
School of Rock
Tears of the Sun
Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Sept. 2
Afterlife of the Party
Final Account

Sept. 3
Dive Club
Money Heist 
Part 5: Volume 1

Sept. 6
Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space

Sept. 7
Kid Cosmic: Season 2
Octonauts: Above & Beyond
On the Verge
Untold: Breaking Point

Sept. 8
The Circle: Season 3
Into the Night: 
Season 2

Sept. 9
Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali
The Women and the Murderer

Sept. 10
Firedrake the Silver Dragon
Lucifer: The Final Season
Metal Shop Masters
Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series
Yowamushi Pedal
Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road

Sept. 13
Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space

Sept. 14
Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: 
Season 5
A StoryBots Space Adventure
The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: 
Season 2
You vs. Wild: Out Cold

Sept. 15
Nailed It!: Season 6
Saved by the Bell: 
Seasons 1-9
Too Hot To Handle Latino

Sept. 16
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Jaws 2
Jaws 3
Jaws: The Revenge
My Heroes Were Cowboys

Sept. 17
Ankahi Kahaniya 
Chicago Party Aunt 
The Father Who Moves Mountains 
Sex Education: Season 3 
Squid Game 
The Stronghold 

Sept. 19
Dark Skies

Sept. 20
Grown Ups

Sept. 21
Go! Go! Cory Carson: Chrissy Takes the Wheel
Love on the Spectrum: Season 2

Sept. 22
Confessions of an Invisible Girl 
Dear White People: Volume 4
Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan 

Sept. 23
Je Suis Karl 

Sept. 24
Blood & Water: Season 2
Ganglands (Braqueurs) 
Jailbirds New Orleans 
Midnight Mass 
My Little Pony: A New Generation
The Starling 
Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia 

Sept. 28
Ada Twist, Scientist 
Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! 

Sept. 29
The Chestnut Man 
MeatEater: Season 10 Part 1
No One Gets Out Alive 
Polly Pocket Season 3 Part 1
Sounds Like Love 

Sept. 30
Love 101: Season 2

Luna Park 
The Phantom

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in new film

Cirtically-Acclaimed actress Kristen Stewart is ready to bring the iconic Princess Diana back to life on the big screen.

Recently the first images of her in “Spencer”, the upcoming film that follows a weekend in the life of the most famous royal of all time.

Kristen takes on the roll that will be one of her most memorable on screen performances to date. 

Wearing a red blazer, as well a black hat with a short veil and matching shirt, Stewart elegantly channels the classic look of Princess of Wales, complete with her signature short, blonde hair.

The outfit greatly resembles a style Diana wore in 1986 when she visited a spinal injuries unit in Sheffield, England.

The movie, which is set to film in both Germany and the U.K. before its fall 2021 release.


Elvis Biopic Ready For Production 

(January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977),

Elvis Presley was an American singer, musician and actor. He is regarded as the most significant entertainer of the century and is often referred to  simply “the King”.

His energized interpretations of songs and sexually provocative performance style, combined with a singularly potent mix of influences across color lines. Now his amazing life story is coming to the big screen.

The star of the new Elvis biopic, playing the Rock-N_Roll Legend is the very talented  Austin Butler, a 28-year-old actor born and raised in California.

Elvis’ wife Priscilla will also feature in the movie, played by Olivia DeJonge.

The Supporting Cast: 

It is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021, by Warner Bros. Pictures.

2021 New Movie Releases: 

September 2021 Movie Releases

Friday September 3rd

Jackass –  – Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O

Friday September 17th

Death On The Nile – – Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot
The Man From Toronto –  – Jason Statham, Kevin Hart

Friday September 24th

Untitled Universal Event Film III – 

October 2021 Movie Releases

Friday October 1st

Dune –  – Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson

Friday October 8th

The Addams Family 2 – Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron

Friday October 15th

Halloween Kills –  – Jamie Lee Curtis, Anthony Michael Hall
The Last Duel – – Ben Affleck, Matt Damon

Friday October 22nd

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins –  – Henry Golding, Samara Weaving

November 2021 Movie Releases

Friday November 5th

Clifford the Big Red Dog –  – David Allen Grier, Rosie Perez
Eternals – – Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden
Untitled Elvis Presley Project – – Austin Butler, Tom Hanks
Untitled Spider-Man Sequel — Tom Holland, Zendaya

Friday November 12th

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 –  – Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law

Friday November 19th

King Richard – – Will Smith, Jon Bernthal
Mission: Impossible 7 –  – Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson


December 2021 Movie Releases

Friday December 10th

American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story –  – Zachary Levi
West Side Story – – Maddie Ziegler, Ansel Elgort

Wednesday December 22nd

Black Adam – – Dwayne Johnson, Noah Centineo
The Nightingale –  – Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning
Sing 2 –  – Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson

Saturday December 25th

Babylon – – Brad Pitt, Emma Stone


2021 – Date TBD

Antlers – Rated R – Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons
Judas and the Black Messiah –  – Lakeith Stanfield, Jesse Plemons
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run – CBS All Access Release –  – Tom Kenny, Keanu Reeves
Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse – Amazon Prime Release – – Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell
Voyagers — Colin Ferrell, Tye Sheridan

Moved to 2022 or Later:

The 355 –  – Jessica Chastain, Sebastian Stan (Moved to January 14, 2022)
The Batman –  – Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz (Moved to March 4, 2022)
Jurassic World: Dominion –  – Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard (Moved to June 10, 2022)

First Time Filmmaker Makes Powerful Debut Film 

It was such a pleasure to interview an amazing film director. His name is Ryan Culver, and he amazingly put together a profound piece of social art on film. 

He honestly discusses the tedious process of making his first film.

Synopsis: After his brother is killed by a cop, Kenny is forced to confront the one thing black people have feared for over 400 years.
The cast features a talented list of new actors. 
Kendrix Lamaz Brown (Kenny Tate)
Alisa Murray (J.J.)
Michael Marinaccio (Detective Mark Ryan)
They all give amazing performances. 


According to Deadline Will Smith was the center of Twitter backlash after it was announced on March 5 that he may be playing the role of tennis star Serena Williams’ father, Richard Williams, in the forthcoming biopic, King Richard. Although  a lot of fans seemed happy that Williams’ triumphant story could potentially be making its way to the big screen, BUT the reported casting of Will Smith as Richard Williams was met with accusations of colorism from some on social media.

Celine Dion Biopic Ready For Production

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is two Celine Dion biopics underway. First Cèline Before Celine, a feature by Quebec director Marc-Andre Lavoie which will tell the story about the iconic singer’s family upbringing and life before global stardom, is set for a 2020 production.

Production was put on hold due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

The second biopic of the Grammy Award Winning legend, titled The Power of Love,  released date is unknown at this time. 


Famous Roles That Almost Went To Another Actor 

Selma Blair almost had the role that made Katie Holmes famous.

Katie Holmes became a household name as Joey Potter, the moody tomboy everyone rooted for, on Dawson’s Creek. creator Kevin Williamson revealed in Entertainment Weekly.